How does it work?

Have questions about ordering, delivery or ordering beef in bulk? This is the place to find answers.

1. Place an Order     Online 

2. Choose Delivery or Pickup

 3. Enjoy

When you order online: 
1. I weigh your individual cuts. That way you pay for exactly what you receive. To the ounce. 

2. You receive an updated total by email (usually within 15% from estimated).

3. You pay the updated total either in cash, etransfer or your credit card will be charged at this time.


We offer beef halves and quarters! Enter your email for an explanation of how it works
and you'll be the first to know when they are available.

Halves and Quarters

Get a variety of steaks, roasts and ground for the price of ground by ordering a
quarter or Half animal. This is the best way to fill your freezer for less.


Follow these Steps:

- Confirm Availability

Call me, Carollyne, to confirm availability (204-371-2247).

- Discuss Timeline

We chat about when the next half will be ready to be butchered and picked up to head to your freezer. We are a small operation and don't always have bulk orders available.

-  Place Order and Pay Deposit

Place your order here online and pay your deposit (Cash, etransfer or credit card accepted). This can be done on the online store.

-Choose your Cuts

Your half will hang at the butcher for 21 days before it is cut and wrapped. You will need to talk to the butcher directly to tell them about your preferences for cuts before it is cut and wrapped. We use Country Style Meats in New Bothwell.

-Make Freezer Space

You'll need to make room in your freezer. See the diagram in the pictures for approximate space required.

-Pay Your Balance with Kehler Cattle

After butchering we will send you an invoice. The invoice for the remainder is due prior to pickup. Invoice amount depends on the individual animal yield when butchered.

-Pay the Butcher

You pay the butcher for the cutting and wrapping of your beef.


You arrange the pickup with the butcher. They usually supply boxes but confirm with them.


At this point you'll have a freezer full of locally raised beef ready for roasting, frying, grilling and smoking!

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La Broquerie, Manitoba, Canada