How our cattle are raised. Antibiotics, Grain, Vaccinations... Read more details.

If you're here, on our website, that means your interested in ordering beef direct from a cattle producer and probably value getting a local product. Which also means your probably also interested in how it's raised. And you want more than just "it's natural" or "Sustainable". You likely want to know what we actually do and I love that about you! I'm that way too!


So here are a few details about how our cattle are raised.

🌾 💦 Our cattle are on grass (or hay), mineral and water at all times. In addition we feed some whole grain as a supplement when finishing our animals. We have seen that it adds a great flavour and marbling. We are feeding it as a small part of their overall diet and it poses no health risk to the cattle, in fact in our climate a little grain can help give them the energy they need when our temperatures are very cold.

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💉 🔬 We vaccinate and deworm our livestock on a regular schedule. We track this through a program called Cattlemax (a sample of our records can be supplied if your curious).

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We do use antibiotics but only if the animal is sick and really needs it (we are also very aware of withdrawal periods for the antibiotics and we have a great Client Patient Relationship with our Vet).

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🌱 We are not Certified Organic however we likely could be, we try to avoid using unneccessary chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

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🐂 We are certified by Verified Beef Production.

We have a very small cow-calf herd so sometimes we do buy cattle from other producers in the area when we don’t have our own animals at the right stage. We know the sources and that they use a similar program to us.

Our cattle are processed in a Provincially Inspected facility.

☀ We love raising cattle because we can raise them so close to the way nature does! Checking cattle on pasture is breath-taking and invigorating.

If you have more questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, Carollyne!